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We are here to seek the truth whether we debunk or discredit the evidence, or uphold the evidence as documentation of paranormal activity. Our goal is to help people who experience unexplained activity and to help them understand the paranormal and not fear it..

"Our mission is to seek actuality and find the truth that may lie in the shadows.
We handle every case with the highest level of professionalism and integrity,
whether we debunk or discredit the claims,Our goal is to aid people who are
experiencing the unexplainable, to assist them in understanding , and help them to
not be intimidated by the creatures that lurk in the shadows. We cannot guarantee
that we will find all your answers but we will do everything within our means to
find every possible explanation , from the scientific to the spiritual."
The Shadow Hunters are based out of Reading Ohio. We will do all investigations
in and beyond the Tri-state area ( Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana ). Tell use where you
are and we will come to you. All investigations are free and we use our own equipment.
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